Mizig's expert team of developers, architects, designers and strategists is what sets us apart from all the other developent firms.
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At Mizig, you will experience more than an amazing application or software platform. Mizig's experienced team of developers, architects, designers and strategists is what sets us apart from all the other development firms. Our team of technologists specialize in mobile applications, software development, cloud computing, UX design and legacy modernization, but that is not the end. We continuously strive to upgrade ourselves with growing technological advancements and deliver best solutions.
Our Missions
To grow our customer's business and to increase their profits, by making their thoughts a reality through next generation technologies and innovation.
Our Belief
To become partners for technology and business strategy by delivering best quality products.
Web Application
The way businesses depend on software have undergone a notable shift as more emphasis is given on tools that resolve day-to-day business challenges and nurture productivity. The approach that companies adopted and are practising are evanescing, but that is no longer the case considering increased costs, limited customizations and vague data ownership terms. Moreover, as business workflows become more elaborate, custom software that can solve business needs without having to work around the limitations of off-the-shelf software become necessary.
Custom web applications addresses the limitations of conventional tools by giving businesses more efficiency, accessibility, customization, and security that aids in solving individual business challenges. Having a set of web applications customized to meet unique business requirements can act as valuable assets to an organization that fosters growth in valuation and intellectual property in the long term. Our development team takes note of each of our clients' needs and build powerful web applications with scalable features keeping in mind all the next generation technologies. In this way, businesses can better streamline their daily operations and processes to fulfil key challenges and achieve targeted goals.
Mobile Application
Smartphones and tablet computing have led to new business opportunities, such as personalized services to customers and streamlined internal communications. Companies that provide mobile communication options for their consumers, employees, or business clients are better able to grow their revenues. Mizig as a pioneer mobile application development company ensure a range of advantages: A consistent experience, across different device form factors, simpler user interfaces lower training and support costs, networked, real-time information access, from anywhere. Mobile application solutions enhance productivity by empowering them with on-demand information or the information they need in the field, and by connecting customers with your services any time anywhere.
Web Hosting
Mizig provides space on a server for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Web hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for other servers located in their data center. Mizig typically employ in-house technicians to make sure our clients websites are up and running 24/7. Also, when website owners are in need of help or troubleshooting, the web host's in-house support are the go-to people. Our professional web hosting service ensure a hassle-free experience for business owners, so they can efficiently focus their time and effort from business perspective.
Software Consulting
Our experienced consultants will provide you an unbiased, independent view of how best to align the technology with the business plan. We look at the capabilities of our existing system and analyse business operations to determine the areas where efficiencies could be made and what, currently, stands in the way of achieving this. We ensure that our recommendations are accurate and effectively meet the business needs by analysing the requirements of the organisation.
Growing any online business is an investment. At Mizig, the ecommerce business model that attracts the most is a single product category that is supplemented with affiliate marketing. We control the content marketing and branding on a focused product and focus the rest of your energy on driving sales by monetizing traffic. There isn't a single business structure that works here.
Enterprise Software
Mizig offers enterprise application development to help companies streamline their workflow, increase employee productivity, enhance customer experience and ensure convenient and quick user access to corporate knowledge base. We develop enterprise applications securely integrated and synchronized with existing corporate databases, technology and systems.
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